Labtec LSC-1060 speakers

By dm5518
Nov 17, 2007
  1. My problem is this. I have the above speakers that worked great with my old computer. I bought a new computer and do not know how to connect my speakers to the new computer to make them work. There are a bunch of holes to plug in my two lines from my two speakers on the computer. However, the pamphlets that come with the computer say you are only supposed to plug in one line. I have two lines. Each wire goes to a seperate speaker. In my old computer I could connect my two lines to two holes on the back of the computer. Now I have 5 holes of different colors on the back of my computer and one hole for the microphone. I read windows help and they said to set up your speakers in Windows Media Center. I went there and do not see a way to access where you set up the speakers in the Media Center. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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