Lagging games

By Sid11
Jun 28, 2006
  1. I am currently experiencing huge problems with my audio. I have very high specs on my system, I mainly use it for gaming. But some of my games are lagging terribly. And I know for a fact this is due to audio. I have a surround sound system (Genius SW-5.1 1000), and this is my motherboard (I use sigmaTel audio drivers and Intel Audio Studio) INTEL "TAPPEN" CLASSIC 945G, LGA775, FSB1066, 4GB 4 SLOTS DUAL DDR2 667, PCI-X16... and on and on too much to type.

    I have changed many of the settings on Intel Audio Studio and at times the games work perfectly well, but when I quit and play another game it lags again. Sometimes the games work but at other times they don't work. I haven't given a lot of information but if anyone can help me please reply to this or contact me on MSN Messenger @

    If you need more information just ask.
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