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Dec 25, 2006
  1. Weird LAN problems.

    Here's what I desperately want to learn how to do.

    My brother and I want to play WC III together. I have two pcs in my room hooked together with a ethernet cable.

    What steps should I follow to guarantee a positive result when trying to play a LAN game together?

    My setup was working once I had turned off the firewalls. But I once started up the computers w/o the cable and it hasn't worked since.

    I do have a wireless connection on my laptop that I once tried to share unsuccessfully for some reason. (not a big deal though). When this WAS working, my wireless connection had to be turned off. This may be part of the problem...
  2. sebastian_11

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    Are you able to PING the other computer on the network..


    -- Sebastian Fernandez
  3. Brigadoon

    Brigadoon TS Rookie

    If it's just that it's been turned off - go to Network Connections, right click on Local Area Connection and enable it (if disabled) and then click 'Repair' (On both computers)
    You could also go again to Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Right click, select 'Properties' and make sure both boxes at bottom are checked (Show icon, and Notify me....) so that you'll see the LAN icon in your task bar.
  4. bobber205

    bobber205 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here's the deal. Step by step.


    1) I have a macbook that boots into Windows XP.
    2) I have a desktop PC that has XP
    3) I have an ethernet cord.
    4) the macbook has a working wireless router internet connection

    I want to be able to:

    1) Connect the ethernet cord and have a active ethernet connection
    2) Being able to play games over the lan with the other computer near my desk with my brother
    3) Not damage keyboard from frustration in process.

    Here's what I've tried.

    1) I tried setting the ip of the laptop to, the subnet mask to (the router's The same subnet mask for the desktop and an ip of -- FAIL
    2) I tried giving my laptop an ip of and have the desktop get the ip and everything autmatically. -- FAIL
    3) I tried yelling. -- FAIL ;)
    4) I tried praying to Gates -- FAIL! :)
    5) I tried 3 different cords, all with the same results. -- FAIL
    6) I tried setting both computers to get the ip info "automatically". One would eventually say "limited connectivity".
    7) I tried disabling the wireless for each of these different tries. -- FAIL

    Now I can access all shared folders from each computer. When I do so, packets are exchanged. Same with pinging. The cable should be good.

    I have pics if you need them.

    I even tried some carp called NetBEUIS. Didn't work. Hmm. What else did I do?

    Now this was ALL working until suddenly one day it stopped. I don't remember the setup. It was weeks ago when I set it up. I've also tried all "wizards" that XP wanted me to. No dice there.

    I am SO desperate to get this to work. I would like to eventually share the net connection between computers,but if I had to eventually turn that off, that would ok too. (I had to when it WAS working).

    Please. Any advice appreciated!
  5. nickc

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    you do not make a comment but do you have a work group on this network, if not I would suggest u make one. it really does not matter the name as long as all computers are the same.
  6. bobber205

    bobber205 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried going to my wireless connection and turning on ICS. In the advanced windows I turned on DHCP (68).

    I got a warning about how since my ethernet was going to be set to (the ip of my router) this would interere with my other connections! It did!

    I tried changing my router's ip to but then it took me forever to get to an ethernet computer (that was connecting even after the change after a reboot) and restart the router.

    How can I change settings in windows so that error doesn't come up?or do I HAVE to change my router's ip? (lame!)
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