LAN with 2 Laptops XP Prof. via Crossover cable - almost working :-( but...

By Bati
Mar 2, 2005
  1. Hi, I have been reading a few forums, and I have found that I am not the only one with this propblem:

    I have an old IBM and a brand new ACER Laptop (both XP Professional). I have connected them with a crossover cable and the connection has worked immediately (I did not need to run the Wizard!?!?!?. I made the tests with the pings, and it is working). But I have never defined a Host and a Client...

    Well, the fact:
    Both Laptops are in the same group "workgroup", but:

    - when I select workgroup on ACER, it appears an error "....path can not be found" before showing me anything. But if I disable the default Guest user on IBM, then I can access to Workgtoup in ACER, but I do not see IBM in the group...

    - when I select Workgroup in IBM, I do not see ACER in the group, but if I disable the default "Guest" user on ACER, then I can see ACER and IBM as part of the group. BUT, when I select ACER, a box appears asking me a password for a "Guest" account (non editable). The funny thing is that the administrator account on ACER has no password, an there is no other account on ACER besides the already disabled default "Guest"...

    Could you please help me!! I feel that I am really close to achieve the connection, but..


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