laptop and final fantasy V1

By tekauzy
Feb 23, 2005
  1. my daughter has a toshiba laptop satellite 1135 , we tried installing Final Fantasy 11 but the computer needs a better video card. Can anyone tell me where to find one? Does this computer need the number pad...or can the keys be set for the game? Hopefully this makes sense... thanks for any help?
    Dawn : :)
  2. Spaceman_003

    Spaceman_003 TS Rookie

    i played FFXI for a year on my laptop. about the graphics card on a laptop its pretty hard ti upgrade them. mainly becausemost laptop graphics cards are IGP or integrated. which means that they are built directly inot the mother board. yeah i know this sucks its keeping me form upgrading mine right now.

    You would have to look at the graphics card on the computer and if it says anything about IGP odds are you are out of luck on an upgrade.

    About the needing the number pad. it is rough to go without it but there is a setting in game that you can set especially for laptops without a numberpad that makes that a lot easier. (personaly i bought a gamepad and used that)
  3. tekauzy

    tekauzy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    re final fantasy 11 and lap top

    doesn't say anything about IGP only GM/GME..... does that make a difference?
    if not ..thanks for your help... its much apprecitated.
  4. tekauzy

    tekauzy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    final fantasy 11 and laptop

    this laptop won't work with final fantasy...bummer... now i still have to share my computer..
    thanks for you help
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