Laptop Cannot Recharge, Please Help.

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Dec 16, 2004
  1. Hi,

    I am in big problem with my Fosa Laptop, my AC power adapter have power. but my laptop do not seem to be working. The power indicator did not light up, meaning there is no power to my laptop so it cannot boot up without my battery. Unfortunately, my battery is dying and cannot last more than 20 mins.

    Any one can advice what is wrong with the laptop and what I can do to DIY repair. your help is greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

  2. SNGX1275

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  3. kingstar

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes I am preparing to get a new battery or may be repair the old one by changing the cell.

    But my main problem now is my laptop don't seem to have power from the AC adapter.. So it will not charge the battery too. Anyone know what could be the problem, I hope it had nothing to do with the main board. I had bought a OEM adapter for the laptop, but it do not seem to be able the power up the laptop too.

    Any Help available? Thank you.

  4. SNGX1275

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    Well if you got a new AC Adapter and it won't power the laptop up, then something more serious is the problem. Such as something is dead in the computer.
  5. kingstar

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    Hi there,

    Since I am able to boot up and run my laptop on my remaining battery, Only that my laptop can not be run by ac adaptor and charge the battery. I was advice by other it could be the charge board part being faulty.

    Since my Fosa ACL00 is similar to a Toshiba Satellite 1200/3000 model, could there be a cheaper way o rescue my laptop. So even say just need to change the capacitor at the charger side.

    Any advice. Thaks,

  6. HoopaJoop

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    I've experienced similar issues with toshiba laptops. The cause was a connection just inside the laptop where the power adapter plugs in was broken loose.

    If that's your problem the only fixes I know of requires soldering, warranty work, or a very VERY large hammer.
  7. kingstar

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    I believe the problem can be solve at a lower cost instead of replacing the whole motherboard which will be about US$500. I had once been cheated by some service people charging me for work they did not done, the actual problem was really a new ram is needed.

    I am hesitating whether to engage another guy to help solved my problem, thus looking into the internet to get some advice in repairing it myself. Now the main problem is I cannot problem disassemble the laptop. Anyone have any idea how I open up the laptop?


  8. kevinmcfar

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    similar issues

    I am having a similar problem with my toshiba laptop, the service folks want to charge me 1000 bucks for a new motherboard, or 500 if they can find a used one. How succesful have you been in finding out about this "ram" i was under the same impression, that i only needed to solder (i'm not sure how to do that, but if i can tell someone what to do, maybe it will be ok) that connection.

    I have had temporary success by strategically pulling the cord, and forcing the connection to be made. Try tugging the adapter (at the connection to the computer) differant ways. If the recharge lights on the laptop come on, just tape it off and start backing up your files.

  9. kingstar

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    I just found out that all parts are available but not in Singapore for us normal folks to get it. Parts are easy to buy in USA and Taiwan espeacially, Taiwan make most of the branded Laptop etc.

    I will be holding on abit before commiting the repair in Singapore, as I believe I had blown the Capacitor. Just that I have problem opening up the laptop to access the portion where the power connection and Charger board located. I rather hold on to the laptop and get it repair in Taiwan when someone is going over there. ( too bad my brother just erturn from his out station for project work. Hope he will be going again soon.)

    So how is your laptop now? Need to source for any parts, now I know where to buy new battery at the cost of repair one in Singapore. Let not let those blood sucker get rich with our hard earn money, why can't they be more reasonable. (new Battery at S$300-500)

  10. mskong

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    I have similar problem happened to my Fosa ACL00 laptop as well. The same experience as you have where I cannot power up my laptop eventhough my power adapter is light up. Once i tried to pull the cable connecting the notebook and it seems to be a bit loose.

    I do not know whether to go ahead getting a new power adapter or fixing my notebook wish I believe will cost me a lot with new parts.

    if you have solved the problem, please let me know asap. thanks.
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