Laptop crashes (usually on startup but sometimes when already running)

By obren1
Sep 28, 2005
  1. My Packard Bell Easynote 1 laptop often crashes on boot up, reboots itself and is usually OK but sometimes crashes again. I get a garbled device driver error message (see photo). Microsoft then compiles a report and tells me it is an unidentified device driver error. I have read their advice but feel out of my depth. Today the computer crashed after it had been on for a while first time I've seen that! I've tried restoring the PC to the earliest recovery date but the problem persists.

    I have also included a dmp file (as text) which I see you have asked for in the past.

    Hope you can help. Thanks.
  2. Blakhart

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    Have you tried to install a different motherboard driver? How about video driver?
  3. obren1

    obren1 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for the reply.

    Could you explain why and which should I try first? Not sure how to upgrade motherboard driver.

    I have moved this thread to the drivers forum as I think this is in the wrong place. Trying to delete this thread. :knock:
  4. Blakhart

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    A lot of times the driver for the mobo may show these errors if it isn't compatible in some way, or when certain system/os actions take place in the mobo. In such a case, about the only things you can do is change the bios or the mobo driver.

    This is barring any hardware errors; mem, drive, a flakey mobo, etc. You might want to rule out memory/mobo faults by running memtest86 or similar. Google for it and run it.
    Memory testers will find any errors you have in the mobo or mem hardware, but can't point out wich it is, mem or mobo. The way to find out wich is bad is to test all sticks individualy if errors are found.

    You have to find out what mobo chipset you have and go from there: via, intel, sis, etc.
    Then see if you can dl some newer drivers for it, and if not, try older ones.
    The same applies to video drivers.
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