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Jun 2, 2007
  1. hello! can any one tell me which machine i can use to diagonise problems in faulty laptop motherboards. or any tool that can flash laptops.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Mukasa and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    To diagnose a faulty machine, assuming it can boot from a floppy or Cd then you would use the faulty machine and any kind of test program (there are to many to name but a google search will help).

    You actually say "machine" by this I take it you mean something you would physically attach to a board and run a program on, these are the sort of things that are beyond the economic cost of the home user and the like and would, I think, cost a large amount of money.

    In the end it would come down to this, if the PC board wont boot when connected to a power supply, then its dead, the cost of boards is very cheap.

    As for a tool that can flash a laptop, again what do you mean, the only thing you can flash on most PC's including laptops is the BIOS but again this needs to be done on the machine in question.

    If your interested in diagnosing then repairing the boards then believe me its cheaper in the long run just to replace the board and easier, all boards are made with microsolder that even the best human couldnt replace.
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    read the bios updating guide in the guides forum.
    ram can be checked with memtest 86+ . use for at least 7 passes.
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    thanks much
  5. Ididmyc600

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    Not sure if thats a nice "thanks Much" or a sarcastic one, wish people would put a bit more text in their replies.

  6. halo71

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    Hell, how often does anyone even get that much?
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    Learn to know how to spot which ones are cheaply made... most laptop motherboards do not fail, but the connectors, sockets, inverters, and cpu fans do. Learn how to keep them clean, change the cmos battery, replace the inverter, upgrade the memory, replace or upgrade the cpu fan.
    Avoid the cheap models... where the lcd screen or the inverter goes at an early stage. Be sure the power adapter socket is very solid.
    And put everything you can into keeping it cool.
    We avoid Sony, Acer, Winbook, eMachines, Compaq, and Alienware. We like Thinkpad, Gateway, Dell Latitudes, some Dell Inspirons, and the HP's in the upper half of the price range.
    Put your mental energy where you can make a difference to your friends... fixing the small things on the good ones.
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