Laptop Died

By Celerity
Mar 13, 2006
  1. When I was shutting down my laptop the other day, it cut off rather quickly instead of doing the whole shutdown routine. The next day, I couldn't get it to come on. The battery in it is extremely week and when I noticed the little green light on the A/C adapter wasn't on, I thought that maybe the A/C adapter had gone bad and because the PC was plugged in but not receiving power, it didn't give me the low battery warning and just lost all power and shut down. I ordered a new A/C adapter which arrived today. When I plugged everything in, the laptop still won't turn on.

    A couple of questions here:
    If the battery is very week to dead, would the power from the A/C adapter alone run the PC?

    Any other suggestions on what this might be?

    Also, if I can't restart this laptop, is there any way to get the data from the hard drive or is it lost?
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    Usually you can run laptops without the battery conncted. Depends on your exact model of course. You can try just removing and reconnecting the battery too.
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    sounds to me like your powersupply or motherboard is dead, post your laptop specs so we can come up with some better information, you can remove your hard drive and put it on another laptop or buy something to read your hard drive externally(im not sure if they have that, but theyre making stuff so fast these days thought id give it a try) .
    another problem could just be the power button, maybe coincidentially this is the power button and the green led telling you power is plugged just went out together. has your laptop taken any falls lately?
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