Laptop hangs after memory check

By 33sierra
May 14, 2006
  1. Hi all, my laptop was working fine up till 1 week ago, everytime i power it up, it hangs right after it's done with the memory check during post.
    thinking that it didnt proceed to the next step of post which is the HDD check, i bought a new 40gb seagate HDD n replaced my existing HDD.

    Now,even with my new HDD,the problem still persist,the single beep can still be heard when booting, but the unusal thing is that,even after i removed the RAM from my laptop, it still gives out the single beep sound during boot.!?!?

    does these symptoms point to a system board problem? pls advice, im lost now, n i need to laptop to be in order next week for an assighment due next week..

    i've attached a shot i took at where it hangs at.any advice is appreciated, if it's confirmed that the system board is faulty,than i would have to loan or contemplate buying a new laptop
  2. Tedster

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    that's no good. Any computer failing a POST (Power On Self Test) in indicative of a hardware failure. Since it stops at memory. I would replace the memory and see if that fixes it. Is the laptop still under warranty?

    Is that a little smiley face or a zero on the last line of the picture? (Hard to see) If a smiley - perhaps you have a boot virus.
  3. 33sierra

    33sierra TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh my..yes,its a smiley face..but i've since replaced my HDD,could the boot virus still be active?

    my laptop is no longer under warranty.

    could a boot virus spread to the cmos? from what i know,it doesnt rite? so the virus should no longer be there after i replaced the hard disk rite?
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