Laptop Hard Drive Failure

By altheman
Oct 21, 2006
  1. I got a new HD to replace my old one, but once I took the old one and connected it to a desktop pc (using an adapter), the old hd is no longer working. It doesn't spin up at all. I have a LOT of important files I need to get off it, some of the stuff is irreplaceable (family holiday vids, my own gaming vids, saved games, etc). Is there anything I could do?? I tried using an external enclosure, but that doesn't make it work either! :( ( yes, I know, I should've kept a backup :( )
  2. Rick

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    If it doesn't spin at all, it could be an electronics problem.

    If you're interested in fixing it, your only shot is to replace the electronics. Get yourself on eBay on look up the model #. Find a drive exactly like your dead one and buy it. You may want to ask about their return policy and see they will take it back if you find this doesn't work.

    Once you receive the drive, you can take the PCB off of the drive (green circuit board part that's visible) and swap it with the broken drive. Don't be intimidated because this is usually very easy... you just need a very tiny screwdriver or hex key, in some cases. :)

    When you install it in your USB enclosure or laptop again, hopefully it works. If it doesn't work, then it is probably a mechnical problem which is, for all intents and purpose, not serviceable by your average person without a clean room. ;) Data forensics experts may be able to help you, but it is often serveral hundred to possibly thousands of dollars.
  3. dmill89

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    As Rick said try replaceing the controler board. If that fails you could always try the freezer method. Put it in a sealed plastic bag, freeze it, hook it up and it may work for an hour or two to recover the data this is a long shot but it may be worth trying anyway. If all else fails you could send it off to a data recovery service but that usually costs a few hundered dollers.

    PS: always backup data, and never save important data to a laptop without backing up (there are too many ways for a laptop drive to be damaged to trust important data to it).
  4. altheman

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    Thanks guys, I started looking for a replacement logic board, there doesn't seem to be much luck with that :(. I'll try the freezer method later tomorrow. :)
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