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Feb 1, 2007
  1. I need some help with an issue that I am having with my hard drive. I just recently had my laptop go out on me and it wouldnt turn on or anything so I ordered a new one, but I took the hard drive out and got an external enclosure kit for it.

    It connects fine to my other computer but all of my pictures and music and documents are gone. And when I try to go into the Owner folder under Documents & Settings it says "Access Denied" and that it is not accessible. Also, when I check the properties of the folder it says that the space used is 0kb. When I could boot from this hard drive the Owner Profile had a password on it. I thought maybe my password protected profile had something to do with it.

    I have tried to take ownership of the folder but there is no security tab. So, I was wondering if there is a program that will go into this folder or have I lost my files.
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    The only way to get around that problem is to put that back in the laptop is came from and logon as the Admin of the PC. Okay you can't access the drive info since the old one is gone bad. You might try some data recovery programs but it's going to be tough call. There are companies out there that can get the data but at a price!
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    Yeah that price is the problem. And I cant put the drive back in because the motherboard went out in the old computer it wont even turn on. I was afraid of the answer.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. tipstir

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    You can try to download some free data recovery programs on the net, if you can find them though.
  5. SNGX1275

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    You can take ownership. Boot into safe mode, the security tab magically appears.
  6. techtronex

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    So the security tab only appears in safe mode. That is interesting because I dont think Microsoft mentioned that in their help section. Thanks for that information - I might try that. But before I do, will that mess up with the mess with the main hard drive?

    Also, if anyone knows of any good free data recovery software please let me know.

    Thanks, guys.
  7. Rick

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  8. lukeyu

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    As you say, i think only data recovery software can help you, just search in google and you will find more and more the tools. I suggest EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, Easyrecovery, get data back.

  9. techtronex

    techtronex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you both for your replies and suggessions. Rick I have to say that I like your quote.

    lukeyu, is there any software that is good for data recovery that is free. Because I downloaded a trial of the EasyRecovery and the files are actually still there but the demo is only good for so much. Thanks.
  10. Rick

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