Laptop has random shut downs

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Jun 27, 2005
  1. This has been happening alot lately, i dont know what is wrong, i would be useing my laptop and it would randomly shut down for no reason. My batteries are full, and its plugged into an outlet. I don't think its a virus either, norton doesn't show up anything and its fully updated.

    My laptop runs on an AMD athlon 1800+ 1.53ghz, and uses an IGP Radeon 320M video card, and i recently just updated the driver. My OS is Windows XP home with Service Pack 1

    Hijackthis log files show:

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note that i have read the "Random restart" post, and my problem is similar, but different. My computer would just shut down, but when i restart it, no errors pop up, everything seems fine.
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    How long until it turns off usually?
    Just for kicks you could check for device driver updates, bios updates, and install service pack 2.
    Use event viewer to check your log files as well. There may be a clue hiding in there.
  3. confusedgeek

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    seeing as i run a 56k, Sp2 might take a while, ill go to the library and download it there. This event viewer, is it already on my laptop, or do i have to download it.

    The shutdowns are random, there is no way i can predict when it will happen, and it does not matter what programs i run, from word documents, to 3-d games, it would jsut randomly shut down.

    I have also been having problems with my modem, it would take usually 20 attempts just for me to get a decent connection speed.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The log viewer states that

    wuauclt (3828) The database engine stopped.
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  5. confusedgeek

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    Okay ill check it out, btw, at what temp should my laptop be at?

    HAHAHAH i almost hit my disconnect button instead of submitting my reply :giddy:
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