Laptop LCD and power problems--bad inverter?

By Luna M
Sep 7, 2006
  1. Working on a client's problematic is a Dell Inspiron 5105.

    Laptop was having problems with being unable to power on, and with a darkening LCD when it did power on.

    Disconecting the touchpad fixed the power-on problem.

    However, the LCD continues to malfunction. I can't tell if the problem is with the inverter, the CCFL, or the LCD itself. The symptoms are as follows:

    Sometimes, the screen works fine.
    Sometimes, the LCD comes on, but the backlight does not.
    Sometimes, the LCD does not function at all.
    Video out to a CRT monitor works fine.

    There seems to be no way of predicting whether the LCD/backlight will work or not. Just, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. I've checked to be certain all the connections are secure...

    Unhooking and rehooking the connections seems to make little difference. I've reseated the inverter and CCFL, which also seems to make no difference.

    Any ideas as to which of the four--inverter, CCFL, LCD or (detachable, ATI) video card--is the problem? Or know how I could determine which it is?

    As mentioned before, the computer would not boot reliably until the touchpad was disconnected. Is it likely these two problems are related somehow? I've been assured the laptop did NOT take a lightning strike, but i have only the client's word to go on for this.
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