Laptop Network Connection Dropping and Reconnecting

By larrybody
Dec 3, 2006
  1. My son was recently given a three year old laotop computer. It was originally connected to a DSL connection and I use a Cable connection. It has a built in wireless 802.11g card and a 10/100 interface. I configured it to connect wirelessly to my wireless router. The connection is established and DHCP assigns it a network address. Every 20-30 seconds it drops the connection and imediately reacqires a new connection. I disabled the wireless card and enabled the 10/100 LAN connection. Same thing. The router makes the connection, asigns a valid IP address, drops it, and imediately reastablishes the connection. The TCP/IP stack looks good. The link speed is right. Could it be conflict with some pre existing software? Maybe the old DSL software ot some instant messaging program. I loaded new antivirus software and ran a complete sucessful scan. Any thoughts what it could be?
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    "Drops the connection" means what?

    Do you use any software firewalls? VPN software? Packet sniffers?

    Try updating the router firmware..

    What is the DHCP lease time on the router?
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    Forest for the Trees

    As I had stated this laptop (Pentium-M 1.4Ghz,512mb ram) was given to my son. It had expired Norton anti-virus on it so we deleated it. I tried to download AVG free edition from the Internet, but the download never compleated because of the loop of connecting and disconnecting. Should have noticed that the disconection happened at the same time as the Windows XP SP2 security center service warning poped up. I downloaded AVG on another computer, coppied the instalation software to a CD-R, loaded it on the laptop and ran a complete scan. When I re-enabled the LAN connection the problem went away. The laptop had Windows Firewall turned on, Automatic Updates configured, but no anti-virus software. I would have nerver thought that would hinder keeping the network connection active. Anyway it was a good workout for my routers DHCP protocol.
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