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Aug 25, 2007
  1. I have a Dell Latitude CPx. It had crashed and I replaced the motherboard. P3 500 MHz WinXP Home. It has an ATI RageMI video controller and 14" panel. The image appears as if it is a 12" panel, anchored to the top left corner. The bottom of the panel begins a repeat of the screen and the right side stretches to the edge. This occurs as soon as the machine is powered up, including during the boot process. I have tried changing the display settings in Windows and it has not helped. I do not believe it is a Windows problem. This is not going to be a technically correct description, but it's the best I can do. It appears to me that the motherboard thinks it has a 12" panel and displays correctly for that size. Then the left over portion of the panel makes up an image that corresponds with what is being displayed. How do I make it realize it has a 14" panel?
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    Can you take a digital PC and post it here of what you have the issue with? If you can't then, you might have a bad LCD Panel as they do go bad.
  3. medicted

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    Here's a few pictures during the boot process and after Windows is running.

    Just a note, this began a few weeks after the install of the motherboard. It worked correctly after the install for those few weeks.
  4. medicted

    medicted TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just finished going back over the connections to the motherboard. All connectors appear to be seated properly and correctly connected. I did a soft reset (battery out and holding power button for 60 seconds) and a hard reset (using a paper clip to press the recessed reset button). None of these has helped. I did notice that when the machine started to boot, it begins at a full screen for a flicker and then goes to the screen as pictured above.
  5. lamo

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    AFAIK, on this model the screen size switches by jumpers on the MB. also, you should try to update your bios.
  6. medicted

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    I have the latest BIOS available. I did try that. Are the jumpers soldered, or other? Any idea where they are on the board?
  7. johnhenry

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    How about new drivers for the new board and/or graphics card?

    Strange that it worked for a few weeks. I'm leaning towards a hardware problem :(
  8. medicted

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    I did the driver for the video card. What other drivers would you suggest?
  9. lamo

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    mecicted, so, i suspect, this is eeprom problem or LCD cable. eeprom problem means, that MB "don't understand such LCD-screen".
  10. medicted

    medicted TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The eeprom thing makes sense to me. So, how do I fix it?
  11. lamo

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    try to search for service manual for this laptop. in it, you'll find types of LCD screens which can be installed in this laptop.
  12. medicted

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    Thank you.
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