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Jan 8, 2004
  1. I have a very lose power socket on my HP Pavilion ZE4200 which is stopping me to re-charge the laptop and run it off the mains.

    The power socket is a standard jack type conector, I have taken out the screws to try and gain access to the power socket but I can only open it so far and can't go no further in gaining better access to be able to repair the power socket itself.

    Any ideas on what is stopping me from opening the laptop fully, if so how do i go about doing it.

    Also i have a cdrw/dvd is it possible to use dvd disc to save data on instead of normal cd-rw disc's

  2. Masque

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    Last question, if it's not a DVD-RW it won't write to DVD....only CD-R's.

    First question....though I've not worked on any HP laptops, I've worked on a few others....Sony, IBM and such. It's not always screws holding the case down but make sure you've looked for screw covers (usually little round stickies) so you've got that issue eliminated. Normally, the main cover is actually snapped on and it takes one or two 'small' screwdrivers to get under it carefully and take a little at a time all the way around. Label and remember where ALL your ribbon cables go because you will most likely have to disconnect a couple anyway.

    One thing I do want to stress though....if this in any way makes you a bit shy then by all means find a qualified technician to replace the socket.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  3. blackwolf342

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    I thought as much on the dvd's I got a pack of blank dvd's for xmas oh well.

    I've found all the screw covers and will give the main cover ago, then i can have a proper look a trying to fix the power socket.

    Cheers and i'll let u know how i got on
  4. PatCoffey

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    I have a presario 2100 laptop and the power socket is loose and I have a hard time charging my laptop. I am not a techie, but was wondering if there is any solution to this problem.
  5. Tmagic650

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    Most of the time these power connectors are mounted on a printed circuit board, either on the main motherboard or on a separate power supply board. Even if you can get to these, there's not much you can do other than replacing the plug socket that is soldered to the circuit board. These sockets come in many sizes and types. If you are not a trained component-level electronics tech, handy with surface mount soldering skills, you won't be sucessful in repairing the plug. If you take it to a laptop repair shop, they would most likely replace the whole board that contained the plug for a lot of $$

    I can perform this kind of repair. I have the tools, but you would have to ship the laptops to me
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