Laptop screen flashes RGBWB color upon power-up

I turn-on the power on my laptop and all I see is a cycle of Red, Green, Blue, White, & Black of color on my screen. Computer was working the night before. I do not know much about troubleshooting a computer. Can anyone please give me an advice or guide if this is something I would be able to tinker to work or bring the laptop over for service.
I have a Dell XPS1730 (5 years old) with Nvidia IUPGA5D G84. Recently, upgraded to Windows 7
I appreciate your assistance.



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The internal video has died. To verify this you can attach an external monitor and see if the display is normal
"Internal video", are you referring to the video card?
I tried your suggestion and its the same result. I could not boot up the computer. I also noticed that HD LED lits but went Off, only the power and bluetooth LED remains On.

Thank you for the reply.


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He was referring to connecting an external monitor, to the video port on the side of your laptop. It will give clues as to whether you are facing bad graphics adapter or bad display. The display could be replaced. But 9 times out of 10, the graphics adapter cannot be replaced. It all depends on whether your laptop uses or will except a graphics adapter. Chances are it will be strictly Integrated on the motherboard. Under that condition the only options are replace the display or the motherboard. And that depends on what the symptoms are when you connect an external display.