Laptop scrolling mouse!

By Jenni3587
Sep 26, 2005
  1. Hey guys, first time i post here.

    I have a Gateway laptop.

    You know that sensored square that you use as a mouse on a lap top? Well, mine has, on the right side a little scrolling panel. so you are supposed to be able to run your finger on that up or down and the page will scroll up or down.

    I dont know why, but it only works in like, microsoft word, when im writing a paper or such. it wont work when i am surfing the itnernet when it would be greatly purposeful. it just tells me that i need to use my mouse. a little icon pops in by my mousing showing my mouse on the actual scrolling side bar on the screen, telling me, USE YOUR MOUSE, instead of the automatic scroll thingy.

    If anyone even understood what in the world i was talking about please let me know how i can change what setting so that i can use this touch sensitive scroller somewhere other than microsoft word!

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