Laptop shut down and won't start up again

By jpbowley
May 7, 2006
  1. My Sony VAIO laptop is about 1-1/2 years old. Recently it has been running slow and a few times has shut down while I'm away... no programs running. I thought I just needed to upgrade the RAM. It always restarted when I pressed power on.

    Yesterday I was away and came back to it shut down again. Now it won't startup AT ALL. I've put in the System Recovery Startup Disk and still nothing. The most I get is the little "Intel Inside" flash on the screen, no beep, you can hear the CD spinning and then nothing.

    I've done a cursory review of some troubleshooting guides online and was wondering if it's possibly a BIOS chip problem? Can anyone offer more insight? Is this something I can fix myself or do I need professional help?
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