Laptop slows down in confusing circumstances

Hello guys,
I've been using my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15R) for almost 3 years now and I never had a problem apart from the slow boot-up which I thought was because I didn't format it for a while. However, ever since I did that it started slowing down to a point where it almost stops working at almost completely random points.
It happens most commonly when I'm torrenting something and I quit the torrenting app and when I run it again it starts checking and the whole laptop stops responding. The weird thing is that if I etc have a song playing on Youtube the song along with the video will continue working, new tabs will open although if I try to search it just keeps showing the circle as if I have a very slow connection and it takes a while to open sth. When I try using the bad boys (ctrl+alt+delete) I get that Windows thing but when I try to run task manager from there it stops responding and the only thing I can do is un-plug it since it won't restart by long-pressing power button either.
I've read that it might be the HDD but since I didn't have any problems prior the format I'm not sure that's correct.
I also noticed that when I try running an .exe file it takes too long to respond, sometimes even 10 minutes for something as simple as Minecraft.
Thanks to anyone that helps (or even tries) and sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.



For non-native, your English is just fine :)

torrenting does strange things to network configurations. If this were related to the HDD, the everything would be terrible, including email and Google.

First, be sure to QUIT all other applications when using a Torrent - - they tend to be resource pigs. When you are done, close all windows to get back to only the desktop before attempting anything else.
First of all, thank you :D :D
Second, I thought about that but it also started happening when my torrenting app is closed. For instance, yesterday Chrome was working well for a few hours, and then all of a sudden it stopped, but the weird thing is that I can minimize and maximize the Chrome window, open new tabs and all that, but when I try to search nothing happens and task manager is not an option since I can't get it to start. I figured it's the HDD because it happens when it's overwriting something bigger on it, but now I know that's not the case. :/


I contend that the TOR is altering the network - - here's how to find out.

Reboot to get a clean network, get a command prompt and PING to show it's all running.

Now enter
  • ROUTE PRINT >myCleanNet.txt
  • the file myCleanNet.txt is the benchmark setup
now run any TOR download you please
while it's active, get another snapshot
  • ROUTE PRINT >myTorNet1.txt
  • when it finishes, close those task and connections and set what gets left behind with
  • ROUTE PRINT >myTorNet2.txt
copy / paste as a follow-up at least myCleanNet.txt & myTorNet2.txt
It started getting big drops in download speed even when I download from Steam, the last about a minute and then it goes back to normal for 5-10 minutes. These are the results I got, but I don't see why a problem with the network would cause my laptop to almost completely stop :/


  • myCleanNet.txt
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  • myTorNet1.txt
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  • myTorNet2.txt
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First, all three snapshots are alike and that's good.

I see you have IPv6 active and there's lots of tunneling going on. Personally, I've disable IPv6 and tunneling for reliability and security reasons - - but that's up to you.
Turns out it really is the HDD. I ran a Dell support test made for my laptop and the results came saying that I should buy a new one. I think that is correct even though the symptoms are REALLY REALLY confusing, maybe I'll disable IPv6 when I get a new HDD. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me, good luck in the future and may you never have the problem I have :D :D