Laptop startup problem

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I was using my Toshiba laptop over the weekend when suddenly it shut down.
I left it for an hour or so and tried turning it on but all I got was 3 lights flashing at me ( Power light,battery ligt and HDD light). They all flash 3 times and then nothing happens. I tried again the next day but still the same.
The laptop is only 6 months old.
Can anybody advise on what the problem is and if I can solve it my self.
It's a nitemare taking it back to the store especially now as i have no idea where the receipt is??? Thanks...

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edit - need to know the exact model and colors of lights

Power supply status ->Lights green
DC power is being supplied from the AC adaptor.

Blinks orange
Power supply malfunction*3

Doesn't light
Any condition other than those above.

When the power supply controller detects a malfunction, the DC IN LED blinks and an error code is displayed. Which you convert the blinks to binary code, then to HEX, then you can look the the error code

Basically -> looks like power supply or possibly battery. I would try changing the power supply first
Laptop problem

i'm at work now and don't know the model etc.
The lights that flash are all orange.
What do you mean...Change the power supply?

Thanks for your help,


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try starting the laptop with the battery removed - I think you may have either a bad power supply or possibly a bad connection to the power control board.
Yes possibly the a/c adapter for the notebook is not making a good enough connection which can be tested by removing the battery. And if it still does it you know your battery is going to be dead cause its not getting a proper charge, and your a/c adapter needs to be replaced. Also you can try to perform a hard reset which is a quick fix for a lot of problems on notebooks I come across. What you do for that is as follows.

1. Take out the battery and a/c adapter so the computer has no power source what so ever.
2. Once that is done open your notebook and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. What this does is drain the capacitors in the motherboard of power and lets the notebook receive and entire new power cycle.
3. Plug your battery and your a/c adapter in and try to boot the notebook.

If either of those dont work you might be looking at a possible motherboard failure and I would call Toshiba and see if they've had any faulty motherboard problems in their notebooks. Cause even if youre out of warranty which you shouldn't be cause you've only had it for 6 months it can be replaced for free!
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