Laptop turns on then off

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Jun 6, 2006
  1. Hey im having trouble with me laptop it turns on then off. i put the charger on it still does it... it only stays on for about 5 seconds then dies. the fans still turn on the lights still flash. the monitor doesnt but id say thats just becuase it needs the extra time to boot. which it doesnt get. someone help me its my friends computer and he said i could use it if i fixed it. cheers.

    ps its an asus if that helps at all.
  2. Mugsy

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    More info

    Hey there, when you say "put the charger on it", are you booting with the charger connected to the notebook (ie: running off the charger) or disconnecting it to run off the battery?

    If it is the later, your battery pack is dead and no longer holds a charge. If it's the former, then I need to know more about your setup. It may just be that your charger is bad.
  3. Tedster

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    always deep cycle your laptop at least once or twice a month. It isn't good to leave them plugged in AC all the time. It shortens battery lifespan.
  4. TarTok

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    i dont think so hey. the laptop is relatively new. it hasnt worked since i have had it. its a long story. but mate gave it to me said if you can fix it then you can use it for uni. so before i take it to a shop i thought i might get a little advise. maybe pinpoint the problem.
    im talking about running it off the charger. im pretty shore the charger works as it is generating heat while charging. not that it proves anything. the charger i brought myself. its new tho. im thinking a hardware component maybe HD but no idea... any suggestions?
  5. Mugsy

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    Delving deeper

    Simply being new doesn't rule out a bad/dead battery, but does make it less likely, so we'll assume it is okay.

    How far do you get in the boot process? Does it die at the same point everytime? Does the notebook simply loose power when it fails or do you get any sort of warning before it happens?

    You mentioned it dying before the screen has a chance to come up, so you aren't getting a chance to see if there are any warning messages first. If you have a video out port (and most nbooks do), connect it to a monitor and turn it on before booting up (rather than waiting for the computer to turn it on for you) and see if you get any kind of error/warning message first.

    I'll also assume you've checked your BIOS and reset it to "factory default" to see if that makes any difference.

    Also, you said the charger is warm when in use. How warm exactly? If the computer is only on for less than 5 seconds at a time, it shouldn't have much chance to get very warm.

    PS: Another possibility- your cpu is overheating and the system is shutting down before it can overheat and ruin it.
  6. TarTok

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    new charger not a new battery but doesnt matter doesnt work either way.

    from pressing the power button to when it turns itself off its about 4-5 seconds. no warnings it just looses power and stays like that until i press the power button again and it does it all over again.

    i will try using another monitor just to see if there is an error msg but i just dont think it gets the time before whatever the problem is occurs.

    cant check to bios the computer doesnt turn on.

    charger is warm because i left it to charger the battery to see if it made a difference. no change tho.

    how long does it take for the cpu to overheat. i know there a two fans in the laptop and they both turn on when i press the power button. then off when she fails.
  7. Mugsy

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    Checking the system.

    Do you know if the notebook shows any sort of "splash screen" or intro message when turned on? If so and you're not getting that far, that's one way of knowing something else is up before you can ever see an error message.

    Depending on the notebook, you can sometimes reset the BIOS without even turning it on... often from a reset button or dip switch on the case somewhere (or inside the battery chamber).

    If the fan on your CPU is dead, the motherboard will detect that immediately and shutdown almost as soon as you start. But since you said you can hear both fans going, they obviously are working. But on my own laptop, the fan doesn't go on *until* the computer starts getting hot, so maybe the fans are coming on right away because the heatsink isn't cooling... or maybe the heat sensor itself is fried.

    You may need to open your notebook up and examine your heatsink. But verify that the battery is indeed charging first before you go through all that trouble. You said the battery is not new. How old is it? Is it NiCad or NiMH?
  8. CrossFire851

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    buy a new chager (ac-dc) psu the battery is dead and the computer won't boot if it doesn't have sufficient power.
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