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By space_cowboy0g
Feb 18, 2006
  1. hi, I'm a n00b (thats it, isnt it?) anyway, a n00b at upgrading laptops and I have a dell latitude d610 laptop running at 1.73Ghz with 1Gb of ram with 37 Gs of space, and I was wondering if I can upgrade it with a processor i'm buying off ebay. It's a Mobile Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, and I can provide a link: . I have a Pentium M Processor, and I have emailed someone asking about this and they said it should be okay to upgrade it as long as it is the same brand (whether it means a pentium or a intel product, i dunno), anyway I'm this possible or not?

    Oh and, hi, I'm new here, sorry for not introducing myself
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    Ok, no I don't think you can use that cpu. It's a pentium 4 mobile and your cpu is a pentium m(I think the cpu socket is different). Also, your current cpu is as good or better than the one you list. The reason is pentium m chips can run at lower actual speeds but since they're more efficient they can compete with pentium 4 cpus with a higher clock speed. If you still want/need a faster cpu, look into a pentium m 760, which runs at 2ghz. I think I read once that a 1.6 pentium m was as fast as a 2.4 pentium 4 m, but that was the older pentium m's with the 400fsb, your laptop supports newer pentium m's with a 533 fsb, which are even better.
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    ok, cool, thanks, I lost the bid anyway, saved me $150. :D
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