Laptop Warrenty worth it?

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Jan 10, 2007
  1. I just purchased a new HP pavilion laptop off amazon, and was wondering if the extended warranty was a good idea. Its $279 for three years. Some people i know have had no problem with their laptops, others have had many, so i am skeptical on whether or not to purchase the extended warrenty. I comes with a 1 year manufactures warranty, but i doubt anything will happen in that time period. Just curious on your opinions, and if anyone regrets buying/not buying a extended warranty with their laptop.
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    Laptop -> Yes
    Desktop -> No
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    Like wearing Y fronts or boxers, its a matter of choice, if your the sort who sees dark clouds all the time, buy it, if your a sunshine guy then dont.

    I think warranties are a waste of money, there are plenty of places to get a laptop repaired and spares are plenty especially on ebay and the like, where I live there are at least 3 companies who do lappy repairs, at the other end of the scale there are ten TV repair shops and most do free estimates, with the way prices drop constant, the cost of the warranty will be the price of a new laptop when the time comes for it to breakdown.

    Just my 5p worth

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    Thanks thats what i figured. With a desktop you can swap almost any part for cheaper then you would pay for the warranty, whereas a laptop, if its dead, its dead. I guess ill have to go back and pay the extra bucks, but im a little nervous about the warranty its gotten alot of bad reviews from customers...anyway thanks a ton.

    Not necessarily true. My sister bought a Compaq laptop about a year and a half ago, and about a year later, she plugged an Ethernet cord into it, turned it on, and power surged the whole thing. luckily she had the warranty because it was unrepairable and they just sent her a new laptop.

    Also, there might be places that do repairs, but ANY hardware repair on a laptop is going to cost more the $280, the price of the warranty...So it the warrenty seems more reasonable.
    Another example is my Dads dell. He bought a 3 year warranty, and with it went through 4 lcd screens, 3 keyboards, and a hard-drive. That would of cost probably a thousand dollars to repair w/o a warrenty.
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  6. twite

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    Thanks SNG...I would be interested to know if that website covers hardware malfunctions. It says it cover "accidents" but a dead lcd, or a fried cpu isn't necessarily an accident.

    EDIT: I was interested in the policy so i called safeware and oddly enough they only cover accidents. Basically, if you drop the laptop, and the screen cracks in half, then they will cover it. If the screen just randomly stops working, then they will not cover it. I was hoping for a policy that covers more manufacture defects, because i generally take pretty good care of my stuff. Have any recommendations for that type of policy? Thanks
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    Well if the screen quits you could drop the laptop lol.
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    lol.. EXACTLY my thoughts
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    Yes, our repair statistics here show the warranty would be worth it, if only for the third year. But read it VERRYY carefully to be sure hard drive, memory, LCD, screen inverter, modem and network interface are covered.
    If you buy an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T-41 or higher T series, you don't need the warranty, but you will pay the difference up front.
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