Laptop Wont Boot Up

By Still_Waters_43
Feb 16, 2005
  1. I have an HP Laptop N5425 and I am having boot up problems as follows.

    When I turn it on, it just keeps cycling on ond off. Usally after doing this for a long time it will suddenly start booting. However, it only gets to the HP Logo screen and then it locks up. At the bottom of the screen it says hit ESC for boot sequence, F2 for setup, etc.... and then it just freezes there (i.e. no keys are functioning). However if I am quick and hit one of the keys right away it attempts to do the next step (e.g if I hit F2 I will see a message telling me setup is starting, but then it freezes).

    One other thing even though I have 2 batteries they never charge up and the computer wont run at all with them. If I use the AC the battery light starts out Yellow and later turns to red(?). I have also tried removing the battery and just using the AC but it still just freezes up.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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    If the laptop doesn't Boot Up or Can't run into Operating System, Advice!!!

    I just had the such problem, and some of the technical services told me to get the hard disk out. But I didn't wish that idea and I started working of myself:
    1) When I tried to boot up, there was showed a black screen(it's a fu*** virus)
    2) I inserted the Linux Xp CD and I started to install the Linux manually
    3) When I saw the Format Hard Disc, I did formating
    4) I restarted computer
    5) Then I continued to install the Operating System that I needed

    And in this way I deleted the virus. Because the virus was dedicated to Windows and I terminated that by working with the LINUX. I HOPE IT WORKS 4 U 2...
    D0n1_86_ @ hot....
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