Laptop wont start up (gq rx-7330

Mar 14, 2006
  1. Ok, i just opened up my gq rx-7330 laptop to replace the screen, which was pretty busted up by the previous owner(i guess they beat it up with a sledgehammer)mounted it back up and it worked fine for about 2 minutes then i got a bsod(blue screen of death) it rebooted and then i started getting 8 beeps. as i have researched the 8 beep sequence means there is something wrong displaywise, i tried rebooting a couple times after and now no beeps, the bios doesnt seem to be startin up anymore and now it wasnt powering down with a simple touch of the power button. it appears to me that the power board is playing a roll in this somehow, because when i screw it down fairly tightly i get the beeps, and when i screw it down loosely it is either not coming on, coming on without the bios even starting or starting fine for about a minute. could there be a connection with the board the power switch is on and my problem? or could the screws be too long and be hittin the motherboard in places she doesnt like to be hit? or am i completely retarded :bounce: ? please reply
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    any suggestions at all would be great :hotbounce
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    someone please post a reply!
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    Hi,how`s the weather in NC ?
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