Lat C640 Master Password needed

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Oct 25, 2006
  1. Here's my system ID is #9GBRP21-595B.

    I would really appreciate your help. I paid $250 for this laptop and can not use it. Could anyone help and tell me how to unlock this laptop. Thanks for advanced
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  3. bigwicker

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    hi i have the same laptop with the same problem , is there another link please to the software
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    troubled technician

    hello this is my first time in a forum so I would just like to say hello to everybody, but I have a situation. I have a dell inspiron 700m and my ex-wife locked me out of it, I need the password in order to get to windows and if I type in the wrong password three times it asks for a master password. My service tag is 1FMS871 with an express service code 3122043517, I hope this information helps because I need help bad. Thanks and God Bless.
  5. Paragon33

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    700m password

    The 700m uses an alternative BIOS System and can be cleared of Passwords by Disassembly of the laptop and unsoldering one connection to the CMOS small coin cell battery and leaving the laptop otherwise unpowered overnight. If the PW is gone the next AM, resolder the connection and reassemble the laptop.
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