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Jun 22, 2006
  1. I just bought a Samsung 930BF and there is something that bothers me: when i watch a movie i see a line appering on the screen. It's not colored, it's like part of the image missplaced (it has the same colors), and it flickers. If i switch to 800x600 (from 1280) the line never appears. Ideas? Could it be that my poor little riva tnt2 can't handle rendering the images in that resolution (games work fine though)? Or maybe it's a codec problem? I really could use some help :D
  2. wolfram

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    Do games even start with that? :giddy: :haha:

    Try to update the video drivers to their latest version.
  3. iss

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    If you want the best possible picture you need to connect that monitor to a video card that supports DVI connections. AND supports the higher resolutions your LCD is capable of.
  4. CrossFire851

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    Make sure you're card can support high resolutions, but he did say it worked fine in games. On that high of resolution????? If it does, it sounds like a codec problem. Wich IMO I think it is.
  5. one_time

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    Lets see here...well you didn't expect half-life 2 to run on that did u? :)) I'm still playing oldy games...Soul Reaver, Blood Omen, and my favs FFIX & FFVII...anywayz they don't work in 1280.....they're all at the most 1024.. FFIX runs in 800 :) So maybe that's why there are no lines in them.

    If the video board can support big rezos i don't know...nut hey if there is an image in 1280 then i guess it does :p As for a DVI i don't have one :p

    But how could it be a codec prbl if they work fine in 800x600?

    Oky final question: is it hard for a comp to render movies in 1280? I mean is it harder then in 800?
  6. wolfram

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    In theory, it should be harder the 1280 res (correct me if I`m wrong) for the video card.

    You have the latest drivers right?
  7. tipstir

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    Get the latest drivers from Nvidia well the Forceware ones. There are other ones too, but the forceware ones work nice. I have Geforce3 Ti200 OC 250/450Mhz and I also use Digital Vibrace to low. Brightness is 91%, Contrast is 96% and Gramma: 66%. VIS 1024x768 and on the 19inch LCD 1280x1024 that uses Geforce4 MX 4000 OC 270/400MHz.

    Make sure you have not power lines touching the video cables and cables are tighten. Make sure that the video card is tightly screwed in. Make sure cool air it getting to it and it's cleaned from dust or dirt. If someone who smokes in the room it can cause problems in the case. Get a can of air dust removal.

    Go into the BIOS and enable FAST Writes, also if the video card can handle it? Though. Make sure APERT is set to the memory of the CARD: Example. 128MB should be 128. Change auto speed to 4x or 8x depending on your AGP speed.

    If you have tried all and replaced the driver and still see the lines. Try another PC and if that shows up on that one then it's the Monitor is DOA. They do go bad, don't be fooled into thinking since it new it won't have problems.

    I say when you get one a LCD Monitor run it for 48 hours, well it should go into power cycle mode. But don't turn it off. This way you would know if it's going to make it or not.
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