Lego star wars graphics issue

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Apr 10, 2005
  1. Hey there. Tried a demo and then later picked up a copy of lego star wars (excellent game by the way) but something wierd is happening. all the lego heads are blank. like, eyes, mouth, sometimes even whole heads don't appear where they should...they're skewed across the screen in lines. graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP. Anyone have any suggestions? (Note: graphic skewing is in both the demo and the full)
  2. kol_indian

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    Did u downlad and install the latest path for the game and ur drivers, also check the lego site for any problems with your graphics card, check the readme it will be given thetre. :)
  3. midimusic5

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    Lego Star Wars (PC) sound problem

    Anyone else not getting ALL the sound effects in Lego Star Wars? It seems a bunch of sound effects are not playing (some light sabre sounds, blaster sounds). I even tried copying the sounds from the demo version!

    The most noteable sounds that are missing are blasters and the light saber sound effects. No death sounds either. When I play the demo, all the sounds are there. Very interesting.

    The only difference between the demo and the full version seems to be that the demo uses .WAV files and the full version has a SFX.DAT file. Copying the .WAV files over and modifying the audio.cfg doesn't help anything.

    There doesn't seem to be any help over at Eidos website except a FAQ that doesn't address this sound problem.

    Any help from someone who has fixed this would be greatly appreciated.

    My LegoStarwars.exe = 11,362,304 bytes
  4. mailpup

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    I don't know this game but doesn't it have an "Options" or similar function to manage in-game sounds, video performance and the like?
  5. midimusic5

    midimusic5 TS Rookie

    It does have an option for Surround Sound ON/OFF, but that's all for sound options. I tried both settings and still no blasters..."tyoo! tyoww!" like in the demo.
  6. me-like-starwar

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    hey...........question......i tried the demo to and...well..i couldnt even get it to start,i dont know where to get a graphic pixel card v1.1....any one know where i can get one?or..andy tips on how i can get it to work without one? :( :monkey: p.s. i just put this sigh last cause i like monkeys too........
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