Lenovo laptop VISTA to XP install

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Jun 13, 2007
  1. I have 10 Lenovo laptops with VISTA Business edition. I have been trying to clone them with Symantec GHOST solution suite 2.0.1 to no avail. Many calls to tech spt. and now getting feeling that they are not fully ready for this. I have managed to "destroy" one of OS installations to the point it no longer boots. I am now so upset with VISTA that I want to chuck it and load XP. I have sufficient volume licenses to do this so I thought "OK just boot off the XP CD and install". Unfortunately the laptops have a SATA drive and the driver for it is not on the cd. OK I know about the F6 to add drivers however the laptops do not have a floppy drive so that option is out.
    Any ideas where to go from here? I would like to use XP at this point as VISTA has frustrated me on all sides and I know how to install, customize and clone XP. This does not even take into account that 2 pieces of software I use for locking them down (This is a school K-8) are not yet VISTA ready.
  2. mikescorpio81

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    I have successfully downgraded a few Lenovo Vista OS laptops to XP. On their website they have all the drivers for all the models and all OS's.


    Download what you need and get to it! :grinthumb
  3. Tedster

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    download the appropriate SATA drivers from the manufactuer.
  4. rtuttle

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    Once I have downloaded them I can not use tham as the laptop has no floppy drive. Typing F6 at the apropriate time will allow me to load additional drivers but only from a FDD.
  5. mikescorpio81

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    You will then need to obtain a USB FDD and continue on through.
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