Lesson learned

By mrhawk1
Feb 3, 2007
  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to pass along my recent experience with a rootkit virus and Howard. First, Howard and this forum are a god-send for users like me who manage to infect their machines. Dispite all the warnings about the danger of file-sharing, we do it anyway. I thought I was safe because I religiously scanned every file with AVG after I downloaded it. What I didn't know was that rootkit viruses are masters of disguise.

    Howard was very patient with me as we spent several days trying to eradicate the infection from my system. However the virus persisted.

    I have re-installed the system in about 2 hours and am now virus free. How did I do this in 2 hours? Easy, I had made a complete back-up of the drive early in January using Ghost. Without the drive image, I would have had to re-install every program manually. All of my data would have been lost; images, video, email, all of it.

    The LESSON LEARNED . . . do regular backups!


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