Lexar Announces High-Performance Crucial Ballistix DDR3 Memory Modules

By Julio Franco
Sep 19, 2007
  1. Crucial Ballistix DDR3 Designed with DRAM Chips from Micron Technology
    Boise, ID - September 18th, 2007 – Lexar Media, Inc., a subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc., today launched its first Crucial Ballistix® double data rate (DDR)3 memory modules, providing increased memory performance for the ardent PC gamer and computing enthusiast. As the successor to DDR2, the DDR3 design provides higher speeds, reduced power consumption and increased densities. DDR3 enables users to experience more life-like images on screen, allows multiple applications to run simultaneously, and provides for greater overall system performance. To see all Crucial DDR3 offerings, visit www.crucial.com/ddr3 or www.crucial.com/uk/ddr3.
    “The Crucial Ballistix memory line has come a long way since our initial offering of 400 MHz DDR memory,” said Mark Adams, VP of Digital Media. “With the launch of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, we have quadrupled the speed of Ballistix memory.”
    Crucial Ballistix DDR3 modules feature a newly redesigned heat spreader with a clip-less design, giving the modules a cleaner look. Additionally, the new Ballistix modules feature a Micron company logo on the heat spreader, calling attention to the exclusive use of Micron components in the Ballistix DDR3 product line.
    Crucial Ballistix DDR3 memory modules feature Micron’s highly sought-after DDR3 components, running at speeds of 1600 megahertz (MHz). At the Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco, Micron is demonstrating an over-clocked version of the Ballistix DDR3 modules running at two gigahertz (booth # 702). Micron’s DDR3 chips are manufactured on its industry-leading 78-nanometer process technology. Crucial Ballistix 1600 MHz high-performance memory modules are available in 1GB modules and 2GB kits.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    The big push Crucial, and its subsidiary Lexar, have introduced, bodes well for us all. It is interesting to note that the 1 GB module is now standard.
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