By ktjo
Apr 5, 2006
  1. Hello everyone..

    I'm new to TechSpot and normally would introduce myself, but right now
    I have a little 9 yr old boy with a major class project due tomorrow morning
    and this Nana can't seem to follow through for him. Hope someone in here will be willing and able to help.

    Daughter's printer (listed) and my XP have worked together before, but now,
    when I need it most, I'm getting *nothing*.

    It prints copies. It does not print from a page written in Word/Office.
    It used to with no problems. Now, our daughter has moved and it looks
    as though she's mistakenly taken the CD for the printer with her, so no
    help there.

    Why would it print from the copier and not from the computer?

    It's hooked up properly, I updated the driver, I've kicked it a couple of
    times and torn out half my hair and *still*...nada.

    I've hunted through Microsoft's printer 'help' and Lexmark's as well, but
    I either can't read or the solution isn't in there.

    Hope someone reads this before too long - it's now 6:19 pst and I'm getting
    more worried by the minute.

    Thanks in advance, I hope!

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