Lightscribe on HP dv9260nr/Win XP Pro

By Erieg
Oct 6, 2007
  1. I purchased a HP dv9260nr notebook and it had Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Due to major issues finding drivers I stripped vista off and installed XP Pro. I have managed to get everything up and running except for two things.

    The first is the TV tuner card. HP says it works under Vista only so oh well.

    The second issue is that I can not get the lightscribe feature to work. I have followed threads here in regards finding drivers for this type of converstion but for the life of me I can not get it to work. Normally wouldn't bother me but the one thing I use it for is burning the image of the "Cars" dvd on a DL DVD. My daughter (3 years old)freaks if it isn't labled because she can't read.
    I go through 2 copies of this movie a month... I really need to get this straightened out because I don't want to personally finance Pixar's next movie though my re-purchases of this movie.

    The drive is a Toshiba DVDW/HD TS-L802A. It burns great... both SL & DL. HD playback is flawless... it is just lightscribe. I start "lightscribe simple labler" it will not see the drive. I have tried three other labeling programs and got the same result.

    Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.
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  3. Erieg

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    Thanks for the reply. It still says "No LightScribe Drives Found".
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