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Limited or no connectivity

By zacherama ยท 6 replies
Oct 22, 2005
  1. I am not very computer savvy, but hopefully I can explain this problem.

    I have two computers.
    One is hooked up to high speed inernet - Windows XP.
    The other is not - Windows 2000.

    Both have Network cards.

    I bought a cable that connects the two. I remove the high speed internet cable from the one computer and use this other cable to create a LAN connection between the two computers.
    I was successful in creating a network and my son and I have played DOOM and Quake in team multiplayer mode (TCP...).

    I got too many viruses in computer One and I was advised to completely wipe out the hard drive and reinstall WIndows XP. I did. I thought I set up the network again the same way but now it doesn't work.

    Here's what happens.

    I connect the cable, both computers load up the game. On the multiplayer screen, I will set up a game on Computer One. Computer Two sees the game it needs to join from computer one. But it never connects. If I go the other way and use Computer Two to set up the game, Computer One doesn't even see the game to join. So there is communication going on, but something isn't right.

    On Computer One, when I'm trying to connect to play the game, I can see the computer struggling to acquire an IP address, it then goes into the "limited or no connectivity" mode. When I try to repair it it looks for a network address but still comes back with "limited or no connectivity" and tells me to see the Netork Administrator, me!!! The network neighborhood shows the two computers in it and the names I named them.

    We used to play fine, and I have tried to set up the home network with the Network wizard many times and the result is the same. I may be doing something wrong, but I think I remembered how I set it up the first time.

    Please offer suggestions. Which computer is the problem? Could it be computer two?

    Thank you.
  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    My suggestion is that you manually configure the IP address and SubNet mask on each system.

    what you are experiencing is the computer is unable to find a DHCP server to give it the required ip/subnet/gateway configuration needed.

    Manually configure each system with the following.
    IP address
    Default Gateway

    IP address
    Default Gateway

    This will allow each computer to be on the same network and see each other.
  3. zacherama

    zacherama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the quick response.

    One silly question. How do I configure them? Where do I type in those numbers?

  4. dhanusv

    dhanusv TS Rookie

    HOw to change the IP ADDRESS

    Hi zacherama

    If you have a Windows XP comp. Follow these steps..

    1. Click - start - control pannel - Network connections / Network and internet connections / Left double click on the LAN- Local area connections Lan or High speed Internet Connections. Or double Click on LAN Connections

    2. Click Properties - General Tab - Under "this connections uses the following items" - Highlight "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and Click Properties.

    3. Unable to General - Select " Use the following IP address "

    4. Type all the numbers (IP Address / Sub net Mask / Default Gateway) - Close - Ok.

    Thats it...

    Gud luck
  5. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    without a router this may not allow modem access
    if the machine is not dhcp active

    you should follow the steps you did on first setup
    allow the modem and windows to get dhcp ip address
    do the same for 2nd machine then try to allow network sharing
    they are both on same workgroup right, is any one of them xp home ??
    I suggest a router then add 2nd cable to 2nd machine
    so 1 cable from modem to router and 2 cables for the machines
    then config as discribed above
    meaning urbandragon's post
    don't forget the dns ip numbers in box's below
    you can get them from router status
    here's what my modem states
    DHCP Server Enabled
    The cable modem can be used as a gateway to the Internet by a maximum of 32 users on a Local Area Network (LAN). When the Cable Modem is disconnected from the Internet, users on the LAN can be dynamically assigned IP Addresses by the Cable Modem DHCP Server. These addresses are assigned from an address pool which begins with and ends with Statically assigned IP addresses for other devices on the LAN should be chosen from outside of this range ???
  6. jmartinnel@lant

    jmartinnel@lant TS Rookie

    I had the very same problem. 2 PC's connected by crossover cable. My daughter use the one and myself the other. Initial setup very easy. Went on for 2 years, then I had to format.
    I did change the IP addresses like you said, but the PC's do not ping each other.
    File and printer sharing is okay( I do not understand that)
    My daughter cannot read mail or browse internet like it was before.
    Is the firewall setting maybe not right?
    I also use the NetBui setting over TCP/IP after installing it from my XP CD.
    Can you help me also, please
  7. huskinatorr2

    huskinatorr2 TS Rookie

    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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