Limits of a 20W Rheobus

By Radwen
Apr 1, 2006
  1. I have a sunbeam's 20W rheobus that allows 4 12V Channels.

    I have my Big Typhoon plugged on the first channel, no problems there.

    I've modded my psu fans. I cut their wires and made them longer using appropriate wire and added a 3 pin plug at the end to connect on my rheobus. This works well to control my two psu fans. The use channel 3 and 4 (1 each).

    It's channel 2 that's worrying me. I have a wired set up of 4 cooler master 13dba case fans (80mm) all plugged one into another. Then my Zalman VF-700CU and my Northbridge fan are plugged into that wire configuration too. Then it is plugged in my 2nd rheobus channel.
    This way I control 6 fans with 1 channel.

    My worry here is that my channel could overheat. Could it ? When does it actually become dangerous ? I would be running the channel at 5-7 Volts most of the time. I would only push it up to 12V when I game.

    Whats my limit ? How can I determine this ?
    Risks of fire ?

    If so I'll just disconnect my 4 case fans from that wire config and directly plug them into the psu and I'll just unplug them when I go to bed ...
    (My pc is at 15dba on my custom silent mode.. and my case fans might be at 13dba .. but thats x4, so i makes about 20 dba altogether .. if not more).

    Any reference would be also good :).
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