line in + mic in dont work

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Mar 5, 2004
  1. after wondering why the audio on my tv card wouldnt work when connected to the line in on my shuttle, i found out that for some reason the line in and mic in on the back of the shuttle doesnt work, but the line in and mic in on the front does, whats goin off and how can i fix it??? i installed the nforce drivers again but dont do anything.

    i got a shuttle SN45G

    cheers all :)
  2. cokecan72

    cokecan72 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    can anyone help me out???
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    Have you taken a look at the cables connecting to the front panel?

    If you can trace the line-in & mic cable, you might be able to disconnect them (be sure that you remembere where they were connected) and thus regain the outputs on the back.

    This is assuming that the connectors on the back is on the motherboard, and not connected by a cable to the motherboard. If it is using a cable, check to see it's connected to the right place, and check if you've got a BIOS setting to enable/disable/choose where to "listen".
  4. cokecan72

    cokecan72 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    just got a reply from shuttle them selves, this is what they said

    "Thank you choosing Shuttle. Regarding your concern, that SN45G support rear 6 channels out only. Please use Line in and Mic function at the front panel"

    so it only has 6 channel support on the rear and if i want to use the line in and mic in i have to use the front panel audio

    thanks anyway guys :)
  5. Charles Hammond

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    I know on Asus motherboards you have a one or the other type of deal on the inputs. In other words you had to plug it into the front or the back but both could not work at the same time. In other words what I may suggest is unplug the front and maybe it will free up the inputs on the back. I do not know if you can disable just the line-in.

    By unplug I mean unplug the connector on the motherboard that goes to the front of the case.
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