Linksys or Windows problem!

By Unipheas
Dec 28, 2004
  1. Ok I have:
    Windows XP Pro
    2 pci nics
    1 wireless card (Linksys PCI 802.11G)
    one wireless card (Linksys PCMIA 802.11G)\

    The way i have it set up is i have one nic connected to my cable modem and the other nic connected to a 8 port switch and bridged with the wireless card. I am using internet sharing, now the wired part of it work fine my problem is the wireless

    I am using a AD-HOC connection type with a WPA-NONE key after i configure the card my labtop sees it and connectes to it and it work fine for about an hour after an hour of me not messing with the server the connection drops and i have to restart and reconfigure the card to make it work again, for some odd reason the card switches the connection type to something else at random but i think its windows doing that but then again sometimes it wont switch and just drop after i mess with it again it work for about another hour and does the same thing and its not just the same problem it switches the connection type or key and just really messes with it

    now i told it to not power save and scanned for viruses and everything and looked every where for something on it and just cant find any solutions to this problem i even read the manual for it and talk to the linksys techs and no help

    if anyone has any ideas to what it might be that would be great!
  2. Unipheas

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    the host is the client and the client is the server :) confused ok let me explain what i did

    my main machine the server its got two nics in it one connected to the internet and the other connected to a 8 port switch. now i bridged my wireless card with the nic connected to the 8 port switch now by doing internet sharing i make the bridged connection have DHCP and and sets the ip to with subnet

    ok now here is the weird thing on my labtop i told it to add a network and the connection type is ad-hoc and on my server i told it to only connect to ad-hoc only connections

    ok so this is what is happening when the lab top looks for a prefered network that i made (lets call it NUTS) it sends out a DHCP request and my server says hey i am a DHCP server and returns a ip now when i look at the server it says its not connected to the NUTS network but on the labtop it says it is.

    Now correct me if i am wrong but i think i tricked the wireless adapters some how i am happy now i got internet with out a router/or wireless access point

    oh and by the way the labtop now says internet through SERVER, ok so i think this is really secure because 1. you have to be sitting in the range of the wireless adapter (btw no one can see me unless they ask for a ip, i dont broadcast anything) 2. I have to click connect for them to get a ip.

    I am so happy i think i have to clean up now, ttyl8rz and thanks for the help
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