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Oct 17, 2005
  1. Hello, I just bought a Linksys router. It is the 2.4 ghz Linksys model WRT54GS and my sister's wireless card is a D-Link Air DWL-520 Wireless PCI Adapter (rev.D). The problem is, I have my router installed and hooked up and I am currently using it but the router doesn't even show up on the list of routers you can connect to on my sister's computer. She is a room away from me and there are at least 2 Linksys routers that show up on the list(all password protected =]) but mine doesn't show up. Is there a way to make my router show up on the list of routers you can connect to on my sister's computer, so that she can go on the internet? Thanks.
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    You have to enable and configure the wireless feature in the router. Do not operate computing products like toasters - plug in and turn on is not enough!
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    First there could be a problem on the channel you are operating on if you can see other AP's and not your own. Be sure to pick a different channel(NA 1-11). When you configure the router make sure the SSID Broadcast is on. That will allow your sister and everyone to see you have a access point set up. That is good and bad...

    If I were you I would turn off SSID broadcast. Change channels so you dont bump into another AP's freq. Make a new name for the SSID(default is linksys). Remember what the SSID is. When you go on your sisters pc she should be able to connect manualy to a Wireless Network. It will ask what is the SSID, if its encrypted, whats the encryption key and so on. For basic access you just have to have that SSID.

    Its a one time deal. After you set it up, on her end she should be able to connect to your access point and the configuration on her pc is saved.
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    Thanks for the help. I got my router to show up on her list but now I have a different problem. SHE CAN'T CONNECT TO IT! >_< ... I try to have a password on my router and when I make one, it says I have to press the "Generate" button which makes a new key(password) and it's like 20 numbers and letters! Can't I just make my own password? and before I make a password I have to choose a network thing .. it's like WEP or WPA or something .. which one do I choose? Thanks for help.
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    WPA and WEP are 2 different types of encryption on your wireless. WEP is the easiest to configure. What you do is type in a passphrase, it will make a WEP Key.

    On her client you can configure the SSID, WEP encryption and say Key1: xxxxxxxxxxxx. The key is a hash of that passphrase generated.


    About her not being able to that because she can't see the Access point on her list?(if you were broadcasting the SSID?) Or she can connect to your AP but unable to get an IP issued by the DHCP server? Make sure TCP/IP is set to Automaticly Obtain on the wlan0 card.

    If you put in WEP encryption make sure that is correct and you have the correct channel and SSID set on your cardconfig. If that is all correct you should be able to ping hosts on the same subnet. (Default addressing scheme for linksys is or subnetmask: If you are running windows xp, turn off the windows firewall on machines if you want to ping eachother. Windows Firewall blocks ICMP on default.

    ** Also if you have wireless mac filtering ON and didn't add her MAC address to the Access list that might also be a problem. This will allow only the MAC address of the cards you put in to access the AP. If its on, put her MAC address in there. (Physical Address when you do a ipconfig /all on winxp, 2k.)
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    Well, when I try to put make my router to WPA it tells me to make a password and it generates it after (which is a new password with like 20+ numbers and letters!) on my sister's computer, I can see the router in the list and when I try to connect to it, it makes me type in a password .. do I type in the password I made or the one that was generated (20+ letters and numbers one)?

    I typed in the password I made the first time and it wouldn't connect. Then I tried the generated password (20+ one) and it still wouldn't connect.Should I try to make my router to WEP? Would it make a difference?

    P.S. I want my router to be password protected. Appreciate the help :).
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