Linksys Wireless Router WKPC54g

By sdevico
Jun 7, 2005
  1. I have 2 desktop PCs in my home. The host PC
    has a DSL modem. The second PC (call it PC2) is connected via
    phone line using software called HomePortal provided
    by Bellsouth. I purchased the WKPC54G kit in order to
    bring a laptop into the mix.

    The router works fine. The host PC can "see" the laptop and
    PC2. The laptop can "see" both desktops. The problem is,
    PC2 can no longer "see" the host PC, though the Internet
    connection still works. It appears that the presence of the
    router has affected the ability of PC2 to share the files
    residing on the Host.

    Any ideas?
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