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Oct 29, 2006
  1. Hi, I didn't know which catergory this question fell into.
    I have win xp pro, and linux ubunto dual booting.
    Grub is my bootloader, but I never use linux, and want to resize one of my data partitions, but partition magic throws up an error regarding linux. So I was wondering, if I just deleted linux, would windows 'find itself' regarding bootloading, or isn't it that easy?
    Thanks guys
  2. Deleting it will break the bootloader. You need to boot from your WinXP CDROM and go to the recovery console. Log in and do "fixboot" and/or "fixmbr". Then reboot. Windows will load normally. You should then go to the administrative tools -> computer management -> disk management and delete and reformat (in NTFS) the non windows paritions that contain Linux. Be careful not to format you windows partitions by mistake!!! It will then be accessible to windows again.

    If I may ask, which Linux was it that you had installed and why don't you use it now?
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    Thanks for such a speedy reply caravel.
    Would it be the same if I replaced my boot ini. file with my old one (pre Linux)....then rebooted into windows,and used partitionmagic to delete Linux?
    It's Ubuntu Linux, and I don't use it because............ummmmmm,.......well mainly, I use my pc for plaiying Half life.....and chatting....and browsing...and I don't really have any good reason to go into my name suggests, I like fiddling, so the Linux installation was just a result of my urge to fiddle... ;)
  4. Don't delete boot.ini Windows needs that file in order to boot and that won't remove the master boot record. If you can't do it from the XP CDROM then download an MS-DOS / Win9x OEM boot disk and run fdisk /mbr to fix the master boot record and remove grub. Try the Windows 98SE OEM bootdisk from here:
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    I had this problem (or similar) with Ubuntu and XP Pro and I had to format the HDD from the HDD Tools from the Seagate Website I tried to undo what I had done with a Linux dual boot, the problem I had is the space that Linux used wasnt recovered after Linux was gone so a HDD Format was all I could do, I even spent time with Symantec (partition magic 8) using there online chat and they were stumped aswell as I think it may have been a PM8 problem (?) anyway heres where I went

    Im not saying this is your problem at all but it helped me :)
  6. As I said in my previous post, the Linux partitions can be removed from within windows.
  7. fiddler

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    Hey thanks caravel, ......followed your instructions, worked a treat....Linux gone, partitions reformatted to ntfs in windows........logical partition expanded to absorb new partitions (Linux main+swap file) using partition magic........went like clockwork......10/10.....:approve: :) :grinthumb
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