Linux PXE install

Oct 8, 2004
  1. Anyone here have any experience of installing Linux, any of the major distros, over a PXE boot install? I know I need a machine with tftp and dhcpd running to let the machine grab the OS, but do any of the distros have tools that set up the file mirror, etc automatically?
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    PXE Install


    Check out Open Country, OC-Manager. My friend works there. His email is Address deleted. Their url is He might be able to help since one of their expertise is Linux provisioning....with PXE boot.

    It's not really smart to spread your friends' e-mail addresses in public forums, they'll just get more spam. Use private messages instead for giving them.
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    I gave up ages ago and took the HDD out, put an OS thats not so damn narky about being moved (FreeBSD 5.3 RC1) on it and put it back in. Works fine, no annoying penguins about the place.
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