Linux Server, The Learning Curve

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After a month of getting a windows server (2003 btw) to work, or sort of work :| i want to increase the learning curve and go for a Linux server, well to be honest I have to use a Linux server.

Another college close to my college gave my society a free "Ultra Enterprise 450" server, its got 2 ultraSPARC processors, 18 9GB HDD's and I couldn't calculate the RAM because it doesn't say it on the chips. But this is supposedly a Linux only box and will not run anything with a windows stamp on it.

I am looking for a "FREE" Linux server, I was thinking of going for ubuntu server but I thought I would ask in here and see what experts think. I am looking for something with heaps of information/How to's on the software as well as the software being user-friendly (yes I know Linux servers are not user friendly, but you get the point).

The Linux server will be the login server to start off with but it will also be connected to the windows server that will be hosting dedicated gaming servers, is this possible? to connect a Linux server to a win server.


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This server has UltraSPARC processors in it, so make sure you download the right version and read the correct installation guide :) Yes, Ubuntu runs on SPARC.

After you have installed the OS, it will behave pretty much the same way as on a PC. You have to remember your CPU architecture when downloading binary programs though. Anything saying x86 or x86_64 or PPC will not run.

In addition to some Linux flavours, you can run BSDs and Solaris on that machine.

What do you mean by "connect"? You can tie the boxes together with shoelaces no problem.. Or do you mean something more specific? :p
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