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Sep 1, 2003
  1. My LITE-ON LTR-52245S burner is not burning at optimum speed and I was wondering what I can do to fix this.
  2. DaveSylvia

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    There can be a few reasons for this. First check to ensure that the cd-r/w media is of the right speed. If by optimum speed you mean 52x, make sure your media is rated at that speed.
  3. Phantasm66

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    Additionally, software like Easy CD Creator just doesn't drive the burner at the speed it can do. Roxio are more concerned, I think, about getting the burn fail ratio down, not in how fast you get the burner to write.

    If you really wanna see if your drive can burn at its max speed, I recommend trying to free cdrecord command line utility under linux, in which you explicitly state the burning speed, as far as I recall. Then, if you use a CD that can handle being written at that speed, and then write the CD and it reads in your CD-ROM drive, then you know everything is fine.
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  5. Phantasm66

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    Your ordinary computer user doesn't give a damn whether it takes 3.5 minutes or 2 minutes to burn a CD. They certainly don't care about what speed the burner can optimally do, etc.

    What they DO give a damn about, though, is whether the burn works without fail. They DO care about that. Believe me. I imagine that the majority of complaints that Roxio get from their customers concerns failed burns, not in burning speed.
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