Lite-on dvdrw wil not burn dvd's

By Cordsl
Aug 28, 2005
  1. Hello everyone, i am new here and i hope someone can help me.
    I recently bought a hp pavillion with a build in dvd-writer from lite-on,modelnumber 1633s, and it will not burn dvd's anymore.When i try to copy a cd or dvd the lite-on recognises the empty dvd(it says it has 4833 MB of free space) but when i push the burn button he spits the dvd out and ask me to put in a emty dvd. :confused: This happens with diverent burning programs.
    It was ok for two weeks and then it stopped. I allready tried some newer and older drivers for it but nothing seems to work.(sorry about my poor english,i am from the Netherlands ;-)
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