Lite On shw-160p6s Problem

By wildrat
Apr 11, 2006
  1. This drive is driving me nuts, this is the second one in less than a week with same problem. I use anydvd and clonedvd and clonedvd will not copy. if I use my Sony usb drive clonedvd works on that drive and if I choose the liteon for the burner, it seems to write but comes up with a media error about half way thru. I did try to upgrade the firmware on both of the liteon drives that i got and brought back, got a replacement to only havee the same problems. The firmware came up with an error on both drives also. It says it can't upgrade contact vendor. I have tried everything I know to do. I even formatted the drive and reloaded windows XP Pro. It needed it anyway, no luck. If anyone can help please do. I am about ready to bring the drive back get my money back and find a different drive. Someone told me that Lite On drives were good. I guess just not for me.

  2. CrossFire851

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    TechSpot doesn't condemn the help to illegal operations. Sry, but you will not get help here for that.
  3. wildrat

    wildrat TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you nuts

    What illegal operations, trying to get a drive to work or are you suggesting that because I have anydvd and clonedvd I use it to make illegal copies of copyrighted material? I use my drives and my software which I bought to make legal copies of my software and my movies that have been purchased by me and my wife. I am not a pre-adolescent that has to copy everything under the moon. I use these programs because they are easy to use, I can't stand Nero, looking at it confuses me, but I do have a legal copy of that also. It came packaged with my Sony external USB drive which works like a charm. Now I would still like some help with the extreme difficulty I am having with this Lite On DVD drive. If you do not wish to give it, that is fine, maybe someone out there that is more trusting will assist me. You don't have to apologise for accusing me of being a thief, your help would be apology enough.
    Thank You!

    Oh Yea, you need to get a better grip on the English language also their Cross Fire. Your sentence should read something like this:
    "Tech Spot does not condone the illegal copying of copyrighted material. Sorry, but you will not receive help with your problem here."

    Yours: "TechSpot doesn't condemn the help to illegal operations. Sry, but you will not get help here for that."

    Your sentence actually says you do condone illegal activity, and that you will not give help to someone needing help with a legal operation.

    The English language is complex but it helps to have a dictionary!
  4. wildrat

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    Problem Cured

    Well after all the headaches for the past week of trying to get this computer to like a burner the problem is solved.
    I had two CD burners in this desktop. Both of them worked with no problems. So I assumed that the cable was not an issue when I installed the DVD burner on the secondary cable as Master in place of the CD burner I removed. To make this story short, I went in and disconnected the CD burner, And the DVD burner worked like a charm. So I either have some sort of cabling problem or the DVD burners did not like that CD burner. So all is well on the front now. Now I can go finish putting my Bike back together. Bike as in Motorcycle, HD Street Glide to be exact. Thank You all for your support especially to Crossfire who made the assumption because I had Any DVD and CloneDVD that I was a thief making illegal copies of copyrighted material. I do like this site and I will not allow one little boy who has never illegally copied/downloaded software/music/shareware and not paid for it. Crossfire as the LORD said "Let him that is without sin throw the first stone" also "Think before you Act" and "When you go to a fight make sure you have something to fight with" and " Know your Enemy" so that's all Crossfire, I forgive you! If you ever come to Florida legally look me up we'll go fishing or something.

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