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Jan 3, 2004
  1. I recently got a liteon cdrw driver installed. It was done in a shop and I didn't get any software drivers with it. My PC (usingWin 98) now does not detect the drive at all. I'm assuming I need to reinstall the driver but can't find it anywhere it's a liteon CD-RW 52r 52w 32rw Int IDE.If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.


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  3. upallnightoo

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    Hi bobh,
    you say "now your pc does not detect it, " have you done something to the pc that may have caused it to stop working?

    If not take it back to shop for warranty repair.
    If you have done something, give us some details to work with. :)
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    You couls check in your c:\config.sys
    in there you may find a line that says: LASTDRIVE=D or something
    If your CDRW would be E, it can not get that far.
    Change that line to LASTDRIVE=Z and reboot.
    Also, if you have MS TweakUI installed, (Start/Settings/Control Panel/TweakUI) check the "My Computer" tab and see if there is a V-sign in front of the drive-letter of your CDRW. If not put one in there, click OK and reboot.

    Otherwise, give us your setup (how many HDs, what partitions, any other drives) and we may help further
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    CD ROMs and CDRWs do not require any sort of special driver. All versions of Windows include a generic CD storage driver that works with all CDROMs and this is not something you need to install / reinstall.
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