literally at sea without modem software

By jerseyjeff
Aug 18, 2007
  1. greeting from somewhere in the black sea...i discovered i don't have pci modem software, and therefore can't use computer in my room....

    sos...sos...I am literally at sea between england and norway without software for my pci modem. i deleted it in an attempt to fix a problem, but now I can't use the computer in my room without it. i can use wireless in public rooms, but I could really use the software for the modem. it is a dell inspiron 700 m laptop. does anyone know how i can download the software to the modem? thanks

    -mal de mer
  2. Hodsocks

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  3. jerseyjeff

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    i think i did it

    OK i'm back now and thank you for the link. I'm not sure but I think I got it. I just used the wireless on the public rooms. It was so slow it didn't matter anyway. But I really appreciate your help. -mal de mer
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