Loaded Inspirons 700m, 6000, 9300 after 35% off

By Deal Svengali
Sep 16, 2005
  1. Dell Inspiron Deals with coupon

    Dell Home has a 35% off code 1F3987R8HMBHL3 (exp 9/20)
    good on specially configured Inspirons


    w/PentiumM 1.73GHz ,15.4" WSXGA+, 512MB, 60GB, DVD Burner, Integrated Graphics, 802.11g, , 3Yr Warr, Microsoft Works Suite 2005- w/MICROSOFT WORD

    for $1809 -35% off code = $1175.85


    configure w/PentiumM 735 (1.70 GHz/400MHz FSB),12.1" WXGA -$100, 3yr warr, 512mb, 60GB,DVD Burner, 802.11g, Microsoft Works Suite 2005-w/ MICROSOFT WORD

    for $1185.60 after 35% off code

    * make sure to choose the 735 cpu to bring the price down $100


    w/PentiumM 740 (1.73 GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB), 512mb, 60GB, DVD burner with DL capabilitity, 17" WideScreen XGA+, 128MB X300 video, 802.11g, Microsoft Works Suite 2005 w/MICROSOFT WORD , 3yr warr, XP Home Media Center 2005.

    for $2184 -35% off code = $1419.60
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